Sotter Mrittu Nei
Sotter Mrittu Nei
1996 • Drama Romance • • Bangladeshi MoviesFamilyRomanceThrillerDramaCrime
0/5 • 8 / 10 IMDb
নতুন মুভি রিকুয়েস্ট এবং সমস্যা সমাধান এর জন্য 01322602606 নম্বরে হোয়াটসএপ মেসেজ দিন। অনুরোধে - স্টার অনলাইন।

The wife of a judge was promised to her dying father to never tell a lie. She lost her father & sister at her own fault and took her sister's son as his own & cared much than his own son. In a murder case, her sister's son & daughter were the laywers & she witnessed that her own son killed his brother-in-law and his husband (the judge) declared son's execution.

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