Hey Bhogoban
Hey Bhogoban
2019 • • 2h 12min • Indian Bangla
0/5 • 0 / 10 IMDb
নতুন মুভি রিকুয়েস্ট এবং সমস্যা সমাধান এর জন্য 01322602606 নম্বরে হোয়াটঅ্যাপ মেসেজ দিন। অনুরোধে - স্টার অনলাইন।

Hey Bhogoban is a Bengali comedy movie starring Saurav Das, Rupsha Chakraborty, and Arindam Ganguly. The film revolves around Simpi, a young woman, who nurses a grudge against God after losing her parents in her childhood. However, despite being an atheist, she resorts to performing Pujas as means to earn her livelihood. To turn Simpi into a believer, Krishna, the chief among gods, sends his assistant Madan, the god of love. What transpires next is a hilarious chain of events that help a God and a human being bond and find new meaning to their existence.

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