Shubho Sharadiya
Shubho Sharadiya
2018 • • 1h 52min • Indian Bangla Movies
0/5 • 0 / 10 IMDb

Shubho and Sharodiya live on the opposite ends of the same neighbourhood in North Kolkata. Sharodiya’s family is eager to get her married. Her folks keep coming up with options of new suitors every day. Sharodiya though has been successfully revolting against this for a while now….Shubho’s situation is tad bit more messed up. At least, Sharodiya is a self made professional, and is successful . But the thirty-three year old Shubo, who’s always aspired to be a singer-songwriter secretly… has ultimately had to give in and inherit his father’s post in the government railway services. To top that, one fine morning Anadibabu, an astrologer by passion and a friend of Shubho’s Thakurda, drops by with a prediction- Shubho’s stars say it’s time to get him married. And the bride, so he foretells, will be found from the matrimonial ads in the newspapers.

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